“I am confident that any government will see how this [restructuring] plan is well organized and well structured and that it is a plan that will manage to bring value, not only to the company, but also to the country”, defended Ourmières-Widener, in an interview with Lusa agency.

This position was conveyed by the official, after being questioned about possible fears that the new government that leaves the legislative elections on January 30 may again proceed with the privatisation of the airline, which returned to the hands of the State in 2020.

“The decision to privatise is up to the shareholders, as an executive team our mission is to execute the [restructuring] plan”, added the official. For the CEO, after demonstrating that TAP can be financially sustainable, the “way of recapitalisation or how a new injection is made” is a decision that, she stressed, is up to the shareholders.

The TAP Group has decided to close the operations of Maintenance and Engineering Brazil (TAP ME), as part of the restructuring plan approved by Brussels in December, the airline's executive president, Christine Ourmières-Widener, told Lusa.