In a statement sent to the press, Luísa Bartolomeu says that despite being born in Portugal, she is a "child who emigrated with her family to France", where since 1979 she has dedicated herself to dog competition, practising modalities such as "Agility and Obedience." The coach “competes for the Iron Dog Algarve school, in Quarteira, in class 3, the maximum level in the Obedience modality.”

As for her background, Luísa is trained in basic canine education instruction and dog training. She also attended individual and group socialisation courses, as well as competition preparation. The trainer is responsible for several competition groups in France and "invites and challenges all owners who like to train their dogs to start practising this sport."

Luísa Bartolomeu has a passion for different breeds of dogs, such as her companion's breed and other breeds such as the German Shepherd and the Scottish Shepherd. The trainer has consolidated her training through travels through several countries looking for new "working methods and tools." As an area "in constant evolution", Luísa believes that it is necessary to accompany this development, believing that "investment in training is essential."

The trainer who returned to Portugal "just under a year ago" says she does what gives her most pleasure "training dogs, competing at the highest level and helping tutors achieve a healthy relationship with their dogs."