In a statement, the Judicial Police (PJ) said that the five men, three foreigners and two Portuguese, aged between 25 and 41, were located and arrested after committing another crime of robbery, which occurred in Lisbon late Thursday (20 January) morning.
"Although there are suspicions of the occurrence of previous crimes, the criminal activity of the group intercepted has accentuated, substantially, from the beginning of the month of December 2021, until yesterday [Thursday]," says the PJ.
During the arrest, the suspects who were inside three vehicles, "reacted violently, trying to run over the Judicial Police".
The suspects had in their possession the proceeds of a robbery they had committed shortly before their arrest, a firearm and several artefacts suitable for use in robbery crimes, such as gloves, caps and articles of clothing.
The PJ also says that investigations are under way to recover objects, jewellery and money.
The five defendants arrested will be presented to the judicial authorities, for the purpose of first judicial questioning and application of coercive measures.