In a speech near the market of Mirandela, a Bragança municipality which gave him 20 percent of the votes in the presidential elections, Ventura returned to recurring campaign themes such as the end of tolls, a guaranteed minimum pension and accusations of subsidy dependency.

Stressing that his campaign "is not a joke" and that he is "the uncomfortable voice", André Ventura stressed that he wants a decentralisation of the country, but not a process that creates more political posts.

"We already have too many politicians. We need to have people who work and who make this country move forward," he said, contradicting a recent study by the Parliamentary Legislative Information Division of the Assembly of the Republic which found that Portugal has 2.23 MPs per 100,000 inhabitants, compared to a European average of 3.38 MPs per 100,000 inhabitants.

André Ventura believes that the regionalisation proposed by the PS will create more spending, noting that there is no need for "regional governors, regional parliaments or politicians".

In his view, "political decentralisation" is necessary, but it should not increase spending on political posts.