I was also looking at a slightly bigger picture to include our northern European neighbours living here. Most speak fluent English (better than my Cockney!) but possibly not Portuguese?

English is after all a ‘Universal Language’.

On my travels in 1978 through Afghanistan, the most un-western country in Asia, the visa application and border entry forms were in Farsi (naturally) and English.

I’m sure the non UK folks here are even less interested in UK affairs than I am, so have no interest in any UK newspapers. I do keep in touch with world affairs online, but there’s seldom much about Portugal there.

Why limit our choices? ~ should there only be one make of car? Trabant anyone?

I did open a Facebook account in Silicone Valley, California back in 2004, but soon closed it. I’m not much of a ‘follower’, hence my cave dwelling Mr Steve Smith.

It’s interesting you read TPN with all your other news sources, I’m surprised you have time to read TPN, much less write to the editor. But good to know an English language newspaper here is acceptable to you!

Although Portuguese is the 5th most spoken language it won’t get you very far outside the ex-Portuguese colonies ~ English will!

There are several foreign language TV channels broadcasting in the UK, as there are in the US and Canada catering to the majority of their minority people.

So to have an English language channel here is not such an outrageous suggestion ~ not only Brits would benefit.

Ray Scott, Faro, By email