"Due to the irregular disembarkation of a flight of international origin, there was a need to evacuate the international departure lounge under the terms of the security protocol, in order to re-screen passengers", says ANA in a note sent to Lusa.

According to the concessionaire, the disembarkation situation took place around 10:40, and the screening process was completed at 12:30.

A source from the Lisbon PSP told Lusa that the police were called to an incident at the airport at 10:30 am because of the arrival of a flight from Turkey, an area outside the Schengen area, whose passengers should have been disembarked in the international area and were not.

It was up to the PSP to "isolate and correctly route all passengers and employees who were in that area and submit the space to new security procedures so that that area would once again be considered a clean and safe area", added the same source.

At 11:45, the PSP concluded its intervention in the operation, which "went without problems with regard to public order", he said.