Portugal’s diverse offering as a country has been well publicized in recent years. Its positive standing stems from its appeal in areas as diverse as climate, safety, education, and lifestyle enhanced by its receptiveness to those embracing the digital and green economies. Those taking up residence in this beautiful country also enjoy easy access to the other Schengen countries, a cost of living significantly lower than many EU member states and a tax-friendly jurisdiction.

It comes as no surprise then, says Noelien Lomba Viana of Exclusivefolio, Cascais, that there has been a growing increase in the number of clients enquiring about relocation to Portugal and related investment. “We have noted an upward trend in professionals and families looking to permanently relocate from cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, underscoring their attraction to a combination of outdoor lifestyle, international school education, affordable private medical care, central time-zone positioning, and digital friendliness” adds Lomba Viana. Exclusivefolio provides bespoke property services to such investors representing them on the ground in engaging with a range of carefully selected and trusted service providers.

Clients from the US, UK, UAE, Brazil and South Africa continue to look to the Golden Visa program as an opportunity to secure residency while spending an average of only 7 days annually in Portugal. Recent changes to the program have seen an increase in the appeal of private equity funds as an effective avenue of investment into property in highly rated property regions which do not qualify for the program if acquired directly by the investor. The number of private equity funds in Portugal has increased significantly over the past two years and the resulting increase in competition between funds has benefitted investors as offerings by each are enhanced – a great example of which is EQTY Capital’s platform of different sub-funds introduced in 2021, each with its own risk profile and a wide platform of independent property developers underpinning the supply of prime property in each. Funds are of course regulated and managed by licensed fund managers which should provide investors with peace of mind. As such, licensed advise should be taken when considering fund investment.

Exclusivefolio has similarly positioned itself as an independent agent acting on behalf of its primary client, the investor, and so works with many of the leading estate agents in finding the ideal family home or investment property for its clients. Other services include property management, sales, project management and securing suitable temporary rental accommodation where needed. This bespoke range of services further extends to facilitating investment into private equity funds, providing concierge services to clients visiting Portugal, introductions to attorneys, accountants and bankers, registration for tax and opening bank accounts – a trusted and personalized gateway to making one’s investment in, or move to, Portugal enjoyable and successful.