Customer service here seems an alien concept and, a product or service once paid for, it’s the devil’s own job to obtain satisfaction when things go wrong. An exception to this phenomenon is Leroy Merlin whose customer care service, I have discovered, is exceptional (I have to declare I have no shares in this firm!). This company seemed to understand from the outset that a satisfied customer simply meant they’d come back again. By comparison I would not put my foot inside a Worton store.

Thank goodness for DECO and AFPOP without which our only recourse would be to line the pockets of the legal profession who, apparently, seem to be a law to themselves!

When will firms here recognise that it is in their long-term interests to ensure that customer care is ongoing? It could make the difference between their profits escalating or going bust. Some seem to make it their business to go out of business!

Ken Butterfield,

By email