According to Our World in Data Portugal currently has an average of 4,885 cases per million inhabitants within seven days, only surpassed by Denmark (6,836 cases per million inhabitants, on average within seven days), France (5,356 cases) and Slovenia (5,064 cases). The European average is 2,453 cases per million inhabitants.

At the other end of the scale is Malta, the EU country with the lowest number of infections per million inhabitants in seven days (573 cases), followed by Poland (846 cases), Romania (878 cases), Ireland (1,142 cases) and Slovakia (1,177 cases).

When it comes to the number of deaths due to Covid-19, Portugal currently has 3.92 deaths per day per million inhabitants, over an average of seven days, which places the country slightly below the EU average (4.2 daily deaths per million inhabitants) and in 13th position at European level.

In this context, Bulgaria is the EU country with the highest mortality rate from Covid-19 (11.37 daily deaths per million inhabitants, over an average of seven days), followed by Croatia (10.29 deaths), Greece (9.11 deaths), Slovakia (8.47 deaths) and Malta (7.75 deaths).