In a statement, the GNR clarifies that the Forest Protection Team of the Environmental Protection Centre of Vila Real found that "the fire originated in a burning of piles to eliminate forest surplus, which was not authorised, which has got out of control, causing a fire that consumed about 0.16 hectares of brush.

During the police investigations, the person responsible for the outbreak of the fire was arrested and charged.

The facts have been reported to the Vila Real Judicial Court.

During 2021, adds the Guard, the Vila Real Territorial Command identified 83 suspects of forest fires, of which eight were arrested in flagrante delicto.

GNR warns that burning is one of the main causes of fires in Portugal and that burning, burning piles and bonfires are prohibited whenever there is a "very high" or "maximum" level of danger of rural fire, depending on authorisation or prior notification in other periods.