In the third case in the DCI Steve Burt series we see him dealing with a new and ambitious boss who sends him to a county force to assist in the investigation of a double murder. The bodies of two young women have been discover near the two main airports serving Essex. The manner of the killings is particularly gruesome and the woman have been bumped for anyone to find. Even the DCI is taken aback by the horrific circumstances of the killings. As the investigation unwinds the team begin to wonder if the discovery of the bodies near international airports is significant.

During his investigation the DCI becomes aware that not everything is as it seems within the Essex force. He becomes suspicious of the motives behind his secondment and quickly realises he cannot trust anyone. Officers appear to have more money than they should and a general air of corruption fills the place. On investigation the DCI is drawn into the secret world of "The Disciples of the Syndicate."

Through a series of contacts he becomes aware MI6 have an interest in this secret organisation that seems to have infiltrated every aspect of life. Steve is encouraged by MI6 to become a Disciple in order to discover who the members are and how deeply this organisation is embedded into the hierarchy of influential people who run the country. He reluctantly accepts this assignment but has no idea where it will lead him.

The DCI eventually realises that the murders of the two girls and "The Disciples of the Syndicate" are connected. Because he cannot trust anyone, including his boss, he is left on his own to bring the murders to justice and expose the corruption that goes to the very top of UK society. In order to work through this complicated and baffling case the DCI enlists the help of another European police force. With this help Steve and his team cleverly solve the murders and expose the corruption but not before another killing and the DCI becoming involved with a brutal European gang master. We see DCI Steve Burt put his career and his life on the line to crack the case.