According to the diploma, published in the Official Gazette, the extraordinary reinforcement of funding for public passenger transport services, amounting to 15 million euros, will be paid through the Environmental Fund and is based on the "need for extraordinary funding to ensure the essential services of public passenger transport", taking into account the persistence of the "effects and severity of the pandemic crisis in the mobility system".

The Metropolitan Area of Lisbon receives 6,924,923 euros, the largest share of this reinforcement, and the Metropolitan Area of Porto receives 4,787,706 euros.

The Intermunicipal Communities of Cávado ('670,705), Ave ('242,738), Oeste ('227,662), Coimbra Region ('501. 723), the Region of Leiria (102,675), Viseu, Dão and Lafões (891,552), Beiras and Serra da Estrela (259,975), Alentejo Litoral (137,266), Alto Alentejo (89,208) and Alentejo Central (163,867).

In the diploma it is stressed that, "to address the underfunding problems of the public passenger transport system, as a result of the more severe pandemic scenario verified during the first quarter of 2021", an extraordinary reinforcement of 30 million euros had already been authorised in July 2021 and another of 51.5 million euros in November 2021.

This reinforcement amount now allocated does not prevent "the need to assess funding shortfalls for the rest of 2021 not covered by the support already granted," it said.

The supervision and monitoring of this funding is the responsibility of the Mobility and Transport Authority (AMT), "ensuring that there will be no overcompensation in the set of measures implemented and determining the return of funds by operators, if this has occurred.

The contemplated transport authorities will have to present "a statement attesting that the operators that have funds to earn have fulfilled their duties of information to the AMT and referring to the amounts already paid and due to each of the operators in their area of intervention".

They also have to commit themselves "to transfer the funds to the operators in proportion to the value of the debt and the fulfilment of the information duties," the law states.

According to a balance sheet released by the Government on 6 January the Environmental Fund has applied 280.1 million euros to Support the Reduction of Public Transport Fares in 2021, an amount that already includes the reinforcements of funds beyond what was foreseen in the State Budget.