The police said they had also arrested a pregnant woman who had been freed but had to make periodic visits to the authorities.

Three people were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of having kidnapped, abducted and assaulted a 33-year-old woman in Amadora, in the Lisbon district, in November last year, the PJ announced.

The detainees are between 34 and 36 years old and are suspected of those crimes, which had as victim a 33-year-old woman, "following the non-payment of a high debt", according to a PJ statement.

"The victim was kept for four days, during which she would be threatened and physically assaulted," the Judicial Police revealed.

According to the PJ, the three detainees have criminal records and were taken to the Court of Criminal Investigation of Amadora, for the first judicial interrogation and application of coercive measures.

The arrest of these three people was made by the National Counter Terrorism Unit of the PJ and in compliance with several home search and arrest warrants, as part of an investigation being conducted by the DIAP Amadora (Public Prosecutor's Office).