In a statement released, the Angolan Attorney General's Office said that the civil lawsuits were filed after a precautionary order for seizure ordered in 2019, and were separated based on the matters and complexity of the facts.

They then gave rise to three declaratory actions of conviction that are currently in court, namely cases nos. 103/2020, 278-20-E and 35/2020 G, with the OPG having withdrawn the latter.

The OPG justifies the withdrawal because "the facts recounted therein were simultaneously the subject of criminal proceedings whose preparatory investigation is being handled by the National Directorate of Investigation and Penal Action, under number 10/20-DNIAP.

The OPG also said that the seizure of the assets of Isabel dos Santos, daughter of former Angolan president, José Eduardo dos Santos, and people related to her, "has not expired or been lifted due to the two declaratory actions of conviction continuing to follow their legal procedures.