“As of January 27, Metropolitano de Lisboa had a total of 54 workers in isolation/positive [not counting workers who are teleworking]. This group includes workers in the maintenance, operations, commercial and technical areas, areas whose functions are not compatible with the possibility of teleworking. In the specific case of train drivers, there are around 12% of the total number of train drivers on sick leave or in isolation”, says Metropolitano de Lisboa.

According to the company, although this situation causes “constraints in terms of the normal service offer”, “there are no major constraints” as it has tried to “dilute the effects” throughout the network, paying particular attention to peak hours.

“However, [the company] cannot prevent the suppression of some trains, a situation that causes some delays in the operating service and longer than usual waiting times”, admits Metropolitano de Lisboa.

The company also explains that, given the specifics of the functions, in the case of workers in the areas of maintenance and operations “it is not always possible” to resort to their “temporary replacement”.