2020 total deaths: 9,400 - Of these 7,851 were aged over 65

Total deaths from 1 Jan., 2020 and the first 3 quarters of 2021: 17,371, 13,590 of which were over 65.

Average age of those who died from Covid: 82.5.

The average age for deaths of all causes in the UK is 79 for males, and 82.9 for females.

Now consider all those people seriously ill, or who need to be tested for suspected serious disease who have not been treated because of the restrictions. Here is a comment concerning just one serious illness from the former head of the cancer program at WHO.

“Probably an extra 50,000 deaths from cancer, over the past 18 months, you otherwise would not have had.”

He went on to particularise: failure to report early symptoms; difficulty in getting to see GP; fear of hospital admission; missed chemotherapy; missed radiotherapy.

In my own case I was threatened with being locked in a metal container for 14 days before anyone would even examine me.

Oddly, the stats show no correlation between types of lockdown and the death toll, but curiously show higher death tolls in the most severe cases of lockdown. In the UK the more serious lockdowns in Scotland have coincided with a 600% increase in deaths over those listed for England.

Apparently the average flu deaths during the normal flu period run at 300 to 350 per day in England.

So the average age from the older folk dying from covid-19 was roughly the average age for expected deaths in that age group, but half as many who would normally have died of flu.

Any death of a loved one is very sad, but is the natural thing, especially from disease. But what about 50,000 deaths that might have been avoided for just one other disease? Dont we have a rather selfish lottery with death here? You folks with serious illnesses can be left to die while those of us who are healthy try and stay safe, using totally unscientific arguments.

History will not be kind to those who have supported this callous behaviour. Meanwhile, spare a thought for those families with two or three children living in apartment blocks. My thoughts go out to them every time someone mentions lockdown.

It really is time this selfish, unreasonable, and unscientific behaviour stopped, and we started to think about the real damage being done to people suffering the consequences of what amounts to national hysteria.

And if you think otherwise, have another look at those figures the UK government has published and do some serious soul searching.

John Clare, By email