According to a report by Jornal de Notícias only 15 percent of the fines issued in 2020 and 2021, by Carris, Sociedade de Transportes Coletivos do Porto (STCP) and by the Porto and Lisbon subways have been settled.

Since 2017, the amount of the fine is reduced by half if the offender voluntarily pays it within 15 working days. But even this has not helped to reduce the number of fines to be paid.

In 2020, passengers paid €625,800 for 12,126 fines imposed by the four urban companies and, in 2021, €862,900 were paid, equivalent to 16,826 fines.

Between 2017 and the end of 2021, at least around €18 million in fines issued by STCP and the Lisbon and Porto subways remained to be settled, while in the capital the metro accounts for an accumulated debt of more than €2.95 million in fines to be settled, writes the newspaper.