The most recent data from the National Statistics Institute (INE) shows that: “Taking as a reference the sales made during the 12 months between October 2020 and September 2021, the median price of family accommodation in Portugal was €1,250 m2, increasing 2.6%”.

Of the 306 municipalities with data collected by INE, 49 registered median house prices above the national value. And they are mostly located in the Algarve (14 out of 16 municipalities) and the Lisbon Metropolitan Area (16 out of 18), adds the institute. Note that the municipalities of Corvo and Santa Cruz das Flores are excluded from this analysis, as they do not have accounted data.

The counties with the most expensive houses are…

Analysing the 10 municipalities with the highest median house prices, it is clear that the three most expensive are located in the district of Lisbon: the municipality of the Portuguese capital itself is the most expensive of all (3,427 euros/m2), followed by Cascais (2,971 euros/m2) and Oeiras (2,536 euros/m2).

There are a total of four municipalities in the district of Lisbon in this top 10. What is also observed in this analysis is that five belong to the district of Faro. In other words, the Algarve is dominating the top 10 of the most expensive municipalities to buy a house, contrary to what was verified in the analysis carried out by INE between July 2020 and June 2021 (12 months), in which the municipalities of Lisbon had greater weight.

In the North of Portugal, the municipality of Porto leads the way and is isolated, where the median price of houses reached 2,264 euros/m2. And it remains fifth highest in the country.

  1. Lisbon – €3,427 per m2
  2. Cascais – €2,971 per m2
  3. Oeiras – €2,536 per m2
  4. Loulé - €2,498 per m2
  5. Porto - €2,264 per m2
  6. Albufeira - €2,138 per m2
  7. Lagos - €2,109 per m2
  8. Odivelas - €2,104 m2
  9. Tavira - €2,038 per m2
  10. Aljezur - €1,906 m2

The cheapest places are...

The cheapest houses to buy are mainly located in the interior of the country: there are three municipalities that belong to the district of Guarda, another three to Bragança and one to Castelo Branco. Further to the Centre we find a municipality in Viseu and to the North another in Vila Real.

The cheapest place to buy a house in Portugal is in the municipality of Fornos de Algodres, in Guarda, where the median price in the period under analysis did not exceed 169 euros/m2. Following this is the municipality of Sernancelhe, in Viseu, where buying a house costs 190 euros/m2. These are the only municipalities in the country where the price per m2 is less than 200 euros.

  1. Fornos de Algodres - €169 per m2
  2. Sernancelhe - €190 per m2
  3. Vila Flor - €201 per m2
  4. Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo - €204 per m2
  5. Almeida - €210 per m2
  6. Vimioso - €218 per m2
  7. Mogadouro - €222 per m2
  8. Trancoso - €233 per m2
  9. Boticas - €227 per m2
  10. Penamacor - €229 per m2