The operation, carried out in the neighbourhoods of Pinheiro Torres and Pasteleira Nova since 9am, also allowed to seize 3,700 euros in cash and a vehicle, added the source.

Around 50 PSP personnel are on the ground and will "continue the action in the coming hours", said the source, in an intervention that takes place "in an area referred to by the authorities as a stage of significant drug trafficking and where, in 2021, the PSP arrested 250 people associated with that illegal activity. And in the last 60 days alone 105 arrests have been registered there".

The police source also confirmed to Lusa "the seizure of heroin, hashish and cocaine", explaining that the "number of doses is still being counted".

The operation does not include any house searches and involves the Special Police Unit, Criminal Investigation and Traffic Divisions, Rapid Intervention Teams and Prevention and Immediate Reaction Teams, with the collaboration of the Porto Municipal Police.

In the morning, commissioner Eduardo Silva told Lusa news agency that this is an "operation of visibility and criminal prevention", aiming to "increase the sense of security in residents".