"From 14 to 16 April, 2022, the Teatro Municipal de Bragança, the São Luiz Teatro Municipal, in Lisbon, and the Teatro das Figuras, in Faro, will open their doors to the 1st edition of the Live in a Box Festival. Each venue will host two concerts per day and the line-up includes renowned names of Lusophone and Iberian music", says the agency and cultural production company Fado in a Box, which organises the festival, in a statement.

The Brazilians Moreno Veloso and Luca Argel, the Portuguese Carlão, Cristina Branco, Fogo Fogo, Júlio Resende, Luísa Sobral and Sara Correia and the Spaniard Carles Dénia make up the line-up.

"The cast of artists will circulate between the three cities, using music and culture as a way of reducing regional asymmetries and the evident imbalances between the interior and the coast," reads the statement.

The first Live in a Box Festival took place 'online', in May 2020. The first physical edition was scheduled for March last year, but was postponed to this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fado in a Box recalls that the festival arose "from two needs that emerged during the pandemic: to make music reach the public, in a period when the country was under total social isolation, and to stimulate the professionalisation of the artistic sector and of all those who collaborate with it, creating a logic of remuneration for the artists that were part of the festival's poster, as well as its teams".