The PJ, through the Lisbon and Tagus Valley Board, with the support of the National Unit to Combat Drug Trafficking and the Scientific Police Laboratory, indicates that the seizure took place within the scope of the investigation into a crime of qualified homicide, in the attempted form.

According to the note, the authorities came to locate and seize the drugs, as well as various instruments necessary for transformation and packaging, after the attempted murder, using a firearm, which took place on December 19.

The crime, committed against a foreign man, aged 36, “occurred in the context of an illicit transaction of narcotic substances”, and the suspect, Portuguese, aged 28, was arrested by the PSP.

After an investigation, the PJ located a “restricted space” that constituted a “processing and packaging laboratory” of narcotic substances, also seizing 13.5 kilos of lime and four precision scales, a pressing and packaging machine, two fans for the drying of drugs and two firearms.

The location of the space, in the region of Amadora, district of Lisbon, made it possible to “strengthen the evidentiary support of the investigation and the strong indictment of the practice of the crime of drug trafficking”.