Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have pushed oil prices well above 90 dollars a barrel, reflected in prices at the pumps. However, similarly to what happened in mid-October, there are already people paying over €2 per litre for 98 premium gasoline.

According to a report by ECO, this is the case of the Cepsa garage in Alvalade, or further north, in Tondela, where a litre of premium 98 gasoline sold this week at 2,029 euros, according to data from the Mais Gasolina portal, an aggregator of prices reported by users, updated on February 7. At most BP pumps, ultimate 98 gasoline is also around €1,999 per litre, according to the same source.

As of Monday, Portuguese families will pay more to fill their car's tank, something that has been happening for eight consecutive weeks. According to Jornal de Negócios, both gasoline 95 and diesel should rise by one cent per litre.

Since the beginning of the year, according to the National Entity for the Energy Sector (ENSE), the average selling price of gasoline to the public has already risen by 11 cents, to 1.83 euros per litre, while diesel has already increased by 13 cents per litre, for an average of 1,707 euros.