“I promise to pay one million dollars to any police officer who, fulfilling his constitutional duty, detains Vladimir Putin as a war criminal, according to Russian and international law,” the businessman wrote on his Facebook account a few days ago.

The text was accompanied by a 'Wild West' style photo with the phrase 'Wanted dead or alive'.

The publication was deleted by the social network, as informed by Konanykhin himself, a former banker and former member of the political circle of former president Boris Yeltsin, in a more recent message, where he repeated the text, but without that illustration.

“As an ethnic Russian – as he wrote – I see it as my moral duty to facilitate the denazification of Russia. I will continue to assist Ukraine in its heroic efforts to resist the onslaught of Putin's horde,” he stated, in his bounty offer.

“Putin is not the Russian president, as he came to power as a result of a special operation to blow up apartment buildings in Russia, then violated the Constitution by eliminating free elections and murdering his opponents,” he also wrote.

Konanykhin emigrated to the US in the mid-1990s.