In today's semifinal, which will be broadcast live on RTP1, from the Lisbon studios, the following acts will be competing: "Tomorrow" (theme composed by Tiago Nogueira and performed by Os Quatro e Meia), "Calisun" (theme written and performed by The Mister Driver), “Ginger Ale” (Joana Espadinha/Diana Castro), “How good it is to wait for someone” (FF), “Hope” (Norton), “Why?” (Aurea), “A minha praia” (Kumpania Algazarra), “Saudade saudade” (Maro), “Odisseia” (Valas/Valas & Os Astronautas) and “Pequenino People” (Fado Bicha).

Of these songs, five will be chosen for the final, scheduled for March 12, also at RTP studios.

In the second semifinal, scheduled for Monday, also at RTP's studios in Lisbon, another ten songs compete. On that day, the remaining songs that will compete in the final will be chosen.

Of the 20 composers participating in this year's edition, 16 were invited by RTP and four (Pedro Marques, Pepperoni Passion, The Mister Driver and Tiago Nogueira, from Os Quatro e Meia) were chosen through a contest.