In the monthly bulletin on the fuel and LPG market, the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) indicates that, in January, the average PVP of simple gasoline 95 increased to 1,762 euros per liter, compared to 1,720 euros per liter recorded in December 2021 and compared to the 1,774 registered in November 2021. This is, therefore, an increase of 2.5% compared to the previous month, “following the behaviour of the price of a barrel of oil on the international market“.

The regulator also underlines that “supermarkets continue to present the most competitive offers”, with a value 1.1% lower than that of operators in the low cost segment and 6.1% lower than that of filling stations operating under the banner of a oil company”, representing a difference of 10.9 cents per litre.

Taxes continue to represent the largest share in the collection of gasoline prices, representing 55.5% of the total invoice in January, followed by quotation and freight (30.7%).

This trend is also followed in simple diesel, whose average PVP increased by 2.9% in January to 1.624 euros per litre, also riding the scale of “black gold” prices. This value contrasts with the 1,578 euros per liter in December 2021 and with the 1,606 euros per liter in November 2021.

Here, too, the supermarkets maintain the most competitive offers, “presenting average prices of around 9.7 cents per liter below the national average PVP” and followed by low cost offers (on average 1.555 euros per litre). “The largest share of PVP paid by the consumer corresponds to the tax component (49.7%), followed by the value of the international quotation and freight (34.8%), adds ERSE.

Most expensive areas for fuel

By district, Braga and Aveiro had the lowest diesel and gasoline prices, while Bragança, Beja, Faro and Lisbon had the highest prices.