“This measure will last for as long as necessary”, said the prime minister, specifying that the failure to set a precise date for its end has to do with the uncertainty that we are experiencing due to the conflict in Ukraine and the impact it is having on the price of fuel.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the end of an extraordinary meeting of the Social Dialogue in which the Government presented to the social partners the set of measures that are being taken internally to mitigate the effect of the rise in energy costs and also the solutions that are being be analysed at Community level.

Asked about the fact that, last week, when it announced the increase in the value of the March Autovoucher from five to 20 euros, the Government had not set a date to end the measure, António Costa explained that this is due to the current framework of unpredictability.

“We all want to wake up tomorrow and see that peace is being restored to Ukraine but we are all afraid that this will not be the news tomorrow (…) No one has a predictable picture of when this crisis will end” so “this measure will last as long as necessary. Will it have to evolve? It may have to evolve. Let's hope not, we hope not”, but it could happen, said the prime minister.