Whilst I respect the writer´s opinion described therein, however, I am unable to comprehend the writer’s argument and wish to put correct opinion in the public domain since improper opinion/information would possibly further complicate public view.

I assume the writer is British and has been enjoying the period when Britainn was a member of the EU, but, like it or not, the reality is that Britain is no longer a member of the EU as it rejected the treaty and left.

If the writer is refering/or connecting to the Schengen agreement under EU rule, Britain is not party to the treaty anymore hence talking about how long any nation can allow any foreign national to stay and/or move around in one nation or between/among countries is totally irrelevant, in so far as Britain is concerned. Also argueing/complaining about EU bureaucrats (unless legal residents EU nation).

Every nation has its own immigration and custom regulations/requirements and what EU member nation or its citizen can do are specified in the treaty/agreements and only applies to member nation and its legal residents, whichBritain is not. Over ambitious/power hungry polititians like Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage or like-gangs managed to misguide the British public with misinformation/fake data etc. and managed to leave EU so they have to live with it.

Sorry the British public is the suckee and Brexit polititians are the sucker. EU bureaucrats do not dictate who should go where and spend, for example in Portugal. EU bureaucrats are doing well and Portugal benefitted to great extent and are making lots of progress and not being killed.

TB, Almancil