Ten years later, Carl, his wife Louisa, and their two young children left jolly old England in a camper van to explore the Iberian Peninsula and experience living in various locations. After spending time in Spain, the family ventured into Portugal.

They loved many places in this beautiful country, including São Martinho do Porto, just up the coast from Peniche. But their roaming days were stymied by a vehicle breakdown. After intense São Martinho syndrome, as Carl calls it—the inevitable “we want to live here” everywhere they visited—those eight weeks waiting for their van to be repaired made them realise they were already living in paradise.

Soon thereafter, Carl created a community for like-minded individuals to connect, learn from one another, and gather information to help them live their best Portuguese lives: Good Morning Portugal! In 2020, with the onset of the pandemic, he began providing vital information to English-speaking expats. Safe Communities Portugal’s David Thomas MBE as well British Ambassador Chris Sainty were among his early guests.

Presented to listeners and viewers as a radio show, podcast, and livestream, his productions highlight the unique quality of life that Portugal has to offer, answers listener/viewer questions, and provides a platform for discussion.

And Carl is one busy guy. He’s presented an expat man-cave spin-off and a wine tasting show where they sampled over 50 wines. He also hosts projects with Louisa, an astrological coach. These include an occasional Feelgood Portugal show, where they tackle some of the topics that are a little too off-topic for the weekday, daily morning show.

These days Carl and his family (five now, the youngest born in Portugal!) call the gorgeous Silver Coast, specifically São Martinho do Porto, home. It’s from there that not only do they manage their online businesses but surround themselves with the superb Portuguese people and enjoy many of the country's treasures and pleasures. From sandy shores to 300 days of sunshine a year to a different, delicious cake every day, it’s a dream come true.

Carl generously offered to share a few of his top treasure and pleasure spots with our curious readers.

Delicious dining: Known for their succulent suckling pig, Rei dos Leitoes in Mealhada is not to be missed and wine tasting (and a good look around) at the historic and adorned Curia train station is a must.

To do: Soak in the thermal waters at the Curia Thermal Park at Hotel das Termas and explore the converted wine cellars that now house the Aliança Underground Museum’s eight impressive collections.

Don’t miss: Take a beautiful drive and enjoy the day at Buçaco where you can stroll and picnic in ancient woodlands and explore the Palácio Hotel do Buçaco.

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