According to a joint statement, Portuguese diaspora communities on four continents are covered: Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

National citizens residing there are able to request online for the birth registration and the attribution of Portuguese nationality to their children born less than a year ago, free of charge and without going to the consular post, the note continues.

Online birth registration is now available in all Portuguese-speaking countries, including the territory of Macau, and in several countries whose official language is English, French or Spanish, making a total of 58 countries.

Access to the ‘online’ birth registration is done on the Justice Portal ( ). To submit the application, it is necessary to attach the document proving the birth, issued by the hospital or maternity hospital where the birth took place, and the local birth registration.

The online birth registration was launched in Portugal on 13 April 2020. On 21 December of the same year this online service started to cover the registration of Portuguese citizens born in France and the United Kingdom and, in November 2021, has been extended to all European Union countries.

According to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice, between December 2020 and February 2022, 777 requests for nationality and birth registration were submitted abroad, online.