At the swearing-in ceremony for the 101 new inspectors, the director of the Judiciary Police, Luís Neves, also added that 27% of the new staff were allocated to “reinforce the capacity of building human resources”.

He also highlighted that of the approximately 2,500 candidates for the training course, only 4% (101) completed the course - 52 women and 49 men - which helps to lower the average age of the inspectorate to 44 years of age, “a fact not seen for many years and that is expected to be the beginning of a trend in the coming years”.

Addressing the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), Lucília Gago, present at the ceremony, Luís Neves stressed, “along with the reinforcement of inspectors in criminal investigation”, the “effective and historic reinforcement of all forensic areas”.

“For the first time, we are hiring experts for informational areas. Forensic areas must definitely stop being the Achilles heel of criminal investigation”, said the director of the PJ, stressing the commitment to the implementation of a strategy of technological modernization, in collaboration with Europol, in the ability to anticipate using intelligence, artificial intelligence and greater processing capacity for large volumes of data.