This seems quite ironical in view of the fact he obviously is no longer a UK citizen and could well have sufficient decency to accept our democratic decision to leave an organisation effectively run by unelected eurocrats and direct his vitriol somewhere else.

He makes much of the UK government shortcomings but very conveniently forgets to mention the large areas of distention within the EU itself and that there is every possibility Sweden may very well elect to leave in the near future. Plus if Macron is replaced by LePen, then France may well go down the same road - interesting!

As to his other points, yes the UK has received funding from the EU however this total comes nowhere near to offsetting what we have had to pay, even taking into account Thatcher's negotiated rebate.

He has conveniently distorted the Covid debate, the conversation was between the success of the UK government’s decision to go full ahead in our vaccination programme when compared to the publicly reported dithering of Van de Lyden and her cohorts on getting the EU programme started which eventually ended up miles behind ours, a pathetic example of EU indecision and incompetence.

Finally history will be the final arbiter on the UK decision to leave or indeed if the EU survives in its present form. However, if the current financial markets are any indication then Sterling against the Euro has been at its highest level in the last 5 years, food for thought.

S. Parsons, By email

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