On Sunday, 3 April at Quintinha da Música, we have the annual piano festival of four and six hands at the piano, featuring Inge Lulofs and Marlies van Gent from the Netherlands, and Irene Ainstein from the Conservatório in Faro. They will play works by Dvorak,Vivaldi, Bach, Rachmaninov, Rossini and Gershwin. Tickets at €25 are available from Lynne on lynne.algarvehistory@gmail.com.

There will be two presentations this month.

Chris Wright (who is better known for his activities with Walking Football) will make a presentation on Operation Mincemeat, the British attempt in April 1943 to mislead Nazi Germany about the future invasion of Southern Europe. One of the brains behind this operation was Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond. A film of this topic (starring Colin Firth and others) will be released in April (Monday, 18 April at 18:00 in Tavira, and Tuesday, 26 April at 18:00 in Lagoa).

Peter Booker will present on the Umayyad Invasion of Iberia, the first in a series of three lectures covering the three Muslim Invasions and the Christian Reconquest, together with a survey of the consequent Muslim legacy in the Algarve. (Tuesday, 19 April at 18:00 in Lagoa and Friday, 29 April at 11:00 in Tavira). Attendance at AHA talks is free.

Peter will also run one more series of Three Historical Guided Walks in Tavira on 12 / 13 / 14 April. These walks begin at 11:00 and cost €5 per person, and are limited in numbers of participants. For the talks and the walks, please contact Peter on peterbooker1347@gmail.com.