Carvoeiro Branco, Erik de Vlieger's development company, has obtained the construction license from the City Hall of Lagoa to start another rehabilitation project in the centre of town.

Designed by the well-known Studio Arte, the chosen approach is based on the creation of an innovative and ecological housing concept, to contribute to the renewal of the urban landscape and the horizons of the city and be an inspiration and reference for current and future urban developments.

With three distinct fronts, one on Rua da Liberdade, another on Rua do Cinema Antigo and the last on Rua Alferes Viana, the Ecological and Urban residential project will feature 33 apartments of one, two and three bedrooms, with garage and storage space. The interior patio was designed to include gardens, flower boxes, decks and terraces with shaded by pergolas to facilitate the circulation of its residents and to promote their interaction in an open and inviting space for outdoor leisure activities.

The Atrium Liberdade represents and investment of €5 million and it is estimated to be completed in 2024.