Then you’ll want to sign up to Ideal Homes Portugal FREE webinars this week. Starting on the 29th March, 2022 at 5pm Lisbon/London (12pm EST), you’ll be able to get more details on:

  • Residency, Buying Process & Visa Options with a Lawyer.
  • Mortgages, interest rates & requirements with two Brokers.
  • Investment advice on latest hotspots, returns and virtual tours.
  • As a bonus the team will be launching a brand new development exclusive to Ideal Homes where you can take advantage of an amazing discount and save up to 70,000€ on a property purchase.

What can you expect to hear on the webinars ?

Day 1: Tuesday 29th March

Time: 5pm Lisbon / London time (12pm EST)

Buying / investing and moving to Portugal

To kick things off, Real Estate consultant Sasha Sharpley will be discussing the buying process with a Portuguese Real Estate lawyer - covering all the key information you need to know about the buying journey for overseas clients, how to obtain residency in Portugal if you so wish, and also the latest changes to Portugal’s Golden Visa, plus other visa options such as the D7.

We’ll also be covering the necessary steps when relocating from either the United States or the United Kingdom.

Day 2: Wednesday 30th March

Time: 5pm Lisbon / London time (12pm EST)

What financing options are available in Portugal right now?

Our in-house mortgage brokers, Jose Mendonça and Stacey Cabeleira, will explain what mortgage rates and terms are currently available. They will also be giving their views on one of the hottest topics at the moment; whether or not to get a fixed rate or stay with a variable rate.

We’ll also be joined by a Tax & Accounting expert, covering topics such as how to open a bank account in Portugal, capital gains, and what you’ll need in order to rent your property should you choose to do so.

Day 3: Thursday 31st March

Time: 5pm Lisbon / London time (12pm EST)

Where to find your perfect investment property?

The Algarve is renowned as a top destination to invest in property. Our team of property professionals will provide their insights and advice on where and how to buy, what makes a good investment, while highlighting some of the current hotspots across the coast, plus also advising on how to find special offers and discounts.

We’ll have a selection of properties to show you that would make a great investment, plus we'll showcase some of the most popular destinations.

To sign up now, click on this link and they'll send you the details so you can log-on, watch, listen, and gather free advice to assist you on your buying journey.