In a statement, the new consul general, who will replace Ambassador Maria de Fátima Mendes, highlighted that her priority will be to get to know and interact with the large Portuguese and Portuguese-descendant community residing in her area of ​​jurisdiction, listen to concerns and suggestions, and work on Portugal promotion.

"Because it is necessary to support, in a dignified and efficient way, the many Portuguese and Portuguese descendants (...), I consider it a priority to optimise services and procedures, ensure a good flow of communication and information (...) and make this consulate general a welcoming space for interaction with the community and dissemination of information about Portugal to all those who are interested in our country and its great and beautiful potential", said the diplomat.

"I arrived with energy, enthusiasm and a lot of commitment to serve a community that I know to be strong and dynamic, known and respected for its talent, effort and dedication, and which Portugal greatly honours", added Luisa Pais Lowe.

This is the third time that the new consul general has lived and worked in the United States of America.

In her vast curriculum, Luisa Pais Lowe highlights that she has already served in the Permanent Mission of Portugal to the United Nations, in New York, during the first European Presidency of Portugal, in 1992.

Between 2009 and 2013, she was political advisor at the Portuguese Embassy in Washington and is now returning to work with the Portuguese community in the area of ​​jurisdiction of the Consulate General in New York.