The alert for “shooting and disturbances”, on Rua de São Brás, behind the Lapa cemetery, was given at 08:32, and the PSP was called to the scene.

“We came across witnesses who reported shots, there was blood on the floor, but no casings or ammunition were found. There are strong suspicions of an injured person, and reports that he was placed inside a car, but so far we are not aware that he has been admitted to any hospital”, declared the same source.

According to the PSP, "the bar door was closed, but it was clear that there were people inside". People began to leave, however, "about 50 were identified and a safe search was carried out on each one of them".

The source said that “due diligence was carried out and it was necessary to enter the establishment, so the Special Police Unit was called to make a safe entrance”.

PSP agents are still at the scene: “It's a situation that is already under control and is in the process of being finished,” he said.