According to a report by Observador, the objective is to put an "immediate end" to the mandatory use of masks for most closed public places, including schools, where it is mandatory for children from the 2nd cycle of Basic Education. The party, led by João Cotrim Figueiredo, only excludes from this initiative health establishments and services, residential or reception structures or home support services for vulnerable populations, the elderly or people with disabilities, according to the diploma.

In order to move towards the “total release” of restrictions, lifting the mandatory use of a mask in most closed public spaces, the Government had set as a goal to reach the threshold of 20 deaths from Covid-19 per million inhabitants within 14 days. However, the slight rise in mortality in recent weeks, as a result of the increase in cases, has postponed these plans. According to the latest INSA report, released last Friday, Portugal had 28 deaths per million inhabitants, 14 days ago, showing a stable trend, as of the second half of March.