According to a study from InterNations, the ranking which includes 59 countries, took into consideration many factors, such as quality of life, ease of settling in, personal finance and working abroad.

In these indicators, Portugal is ranked in the top 10 in three of them: quality of life, 3rd out of 59 countries in this index, ease of accommodation 9th and cost of living 9th. In the Personal Finance Index it also has a good result being placed 14th out of 59.

Three out of four expatriates are generally satisfied with the health care system, which they considered to be affordable and rated the quality of medical care positively.

The high quality of life seems to be one of the main reasons to consider Portugal when people are looking for a new country to live abroad.

In addition, Portugal is ranking 3rd in the Personal Happiness subcategory, which makes Portugal home to some of the happiest expatriates in the world. Over 80% are happy with their life in general and enjoy their high quality of life.

Expatriates in Portugal particularly appreciate the local leisure options, the sunny climate and general weather conditions. Nearly four out of five are also happy with their own socialising and leisure activities in Portugal.

In addition, 96% describe the country as safe and peaceful with the Portuguese people being described as open, friendly and welcoming to foreigners.