As in 2018 with the NEYA Lisboa Hotel, which has now seen its carbon neutrality revalidated, recognised by Ponto Verde Serviços, the Porto unit has also just received its first zero carbon certification.

The rehabilitation of the hotels in Lisbon and Porto was based on innovative and sustainable technologies, such as thermal insulation, installation of photovoltaic solar panels for water heating and energy production, LED lamps in 95% of the lighting, motion sensors for lighting, a low consumption air conditioning system (VRV) and effective measures for waste separation. In addition to the total supply of green energy to the hotels, centralised energy management is carried out in the buildings and training and awareness of employees and customers.

In the rooms, there are bins where it is possible to separate the waste. There are awareness messages for the use of water during the stay, as well as the reuse of towels. To avoid the use of vehicles, both hotels provide free bicycles that guests can borrow at reception. There is also the possibility of charging electric vehicles at NEYA Porto.