A trip between Porto and Lisbon, for example, can be purchased from €5.50 as part of the campaign, reveals the company in a statement.

For those who want to travel between Lisbon and Aveiro, the cost will be €4.50, as in the Valença-Coimbra and Lisbon-Faro trips. From the Portuguese capital to Covilhã and from Coimbra to Braga, Guimarães or Viana do Castelo, the price is €4.

The cheapest trips under the promotion are between Lisbon and Évora or Beja, whose prices are €2.50 and €3, respectively.

The 30,000 tickets, which correspond to around 2,470 tickets per week, are valid for trips between April 21 and July 15. The purchase must be made at least ten days before the date of travel (including the day of purchase and the day of travel), through the online ticket office, on the CP app and on other CP channels.