Excited to showcase his unique brand of music, Lenny Gold’s music is a soundtrack to a great night out, promising feelings of celebration, joy and connection!

A form of expression

Lenny’s music comprises of eclectic covers of modern and classic songs for big events or more intimate venues. His style blends neo-soul contemporary sounds with African and South American beats for an uplifting, feel-good and easy listening vibe.

He expressed his strong connection with music, by saying, “For me, music is a language, I can always remember understanding. I remember, back when I was a kid, my dad had this massive Technics Hi-5, which is how I would sit and listen to music and soon after, my parents bought me a red plastic guitar and I was jamming on that, so it was always something I could express myself through.”

Lenny explained that his music style is a collection of all the places he has been to, having collected music his whole life. One of Lenny’s musical inspirations is Barry White, in which he explained that “I can put any of his music at a gig and instantly everyone will get up and dance. It is music that is so well made like he had a 40-piece orchestra playing, it has such a driving force and it sums up what music is all about, it is timeless and ultimately gold”.

Music as a connecting force

From our conversation, Lenny appeared to be enchanted by the Algarve, affirming that “It is a wonderful place to be, absolutely beautiful, the Algarve is a real melting pot of cultures and people which is very similar to the background I come from in South Africa, so I really thrive in diverse areas so we have really fallen in love with the place.” Regarding inspiration, Lenny affirmed that the Algarve is an inspiring place through “the wonderful locations that one is able to put your music into, for me, music and location go together and it is beautiful here.”

Prior to moving here Lenny spent a lot of time “DJing in South Africa so I really got a sense of what type of music brings people together and that there were a lot of different ages groups and how it moves them. I think also Covid, has pushed people apart and now that we have this chance to get back together now, I really feel like music is that connecting force.” I want to spread my wings here and bring a good vibe to the Algarve”.

Lenny offers live performances for all events and occasions, as well as a wide range of audio production services such as composition and production of music and sound design for all formats of advertising. This includes arranging, recording, mixing and mastering of jingles and voice-overs for television, radio, cinema, digital and social media campaigns.

Lenny Gold - Fill The World With Love (Official Music Video)

“Fill The World With Love”

Most recently, Lenny has filmed a music video for his latest release “Fill The World With Love” which was mostly shot in Quinta do Lago and Vale do Lobo in the Algarve.

The inspiration for the video was “very organic in that the locations in that the locations themselves are so picturesque. My major inspirations and support are my wife and six-year-old son and between us we came up with the concept "Then & Now" story of a boy who wants to fill the world with love and music, with my son playing a younger version of me and I am overjoyed with how it came out.”

He told me that “The song itself is a modern take on Petula Clark's rendition in the 1969 film, "Goodbye Mr Chips". My version was inspired by a 6-month sabbatical that I took in Rio de Janeiro back in 2012 after hearing one of my musical inspirations, Barry White, sing "You won't believe what your ears will hear in Brazil...".

Adding that the song itself opens up with his signature wah pedal guitar sound and live drums and features a pulsating bass line with a cooling Fender Rhodes piano and soaring string section. The Rio connection becomes evident in the end with an infectious samba rhythm driving the ending part.

“It's a new sound inspired by the classic Northern Soul & Disco music of the seventies which I believe will appeal to young and old.”

“Fill The World With Love” is out now on all platforms and you can watch the music video by searching ‘Lenny Gold’ on YouTube.

For more information about his services as well as a demo of his live performance, please see https://www.lennygoldmusic.com/. Additionally, you can also check out Lenny’s music on Spotify by searching “Lenny Gold” with lots more to be released throughout the year including a brand-new album.

Spotify pre-save link https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/lennygold/fill-the-world-with-love


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