A1 Algarve Luxury Real Estate offers high exclusivity in the best locations that the Algarve has to offer through unparalleled exceptional personal service.

A1 Algarve Luxury Real Estate was founded five years ago by Agnieszka Kijonka who has been in real estate for the last twenty years, specifically in the central Algarve. During the pandemic, they made the decision to move from a shop to a modern workspace to allow for flexibility with their spacious office being located at Quinta do Lago Shopping in Almancil.

The boutique’s portfolio brings luxury sea view properties, modern builds, golf resort properties, as well as beautiful quinta style properties to appeal to all their client’s needs. “We have some extraordinary locations in our portfolio, making up their ‘diamond’ triangle, which includes the areas between Quinta do Lago, Boliqueime and Santa Bárbara de Nexe.”

In addition, Agnieszka revealed that they have some “incredible quintas in the Tavira area, which are beautifully located and with a very high-quality build, as well as modern properties in the Western end of the Algarve, which have front line sea views and are up to €15 million.”

Delivering exclusivity

Agnieszka believes that information is essential and “we want our clients to make informed decisions, which is why our expert and knowledgeable team will assist you from the very beginning to the very end. We take the responsibility to be here for our clients and never leave them behind, and we maintain great relationships with our clients, whereby we often sell the same properties a couple of times.”

Additionally, their unique selling point is that they do not list every property that comes onto the market, “we are very selective and we only choose good quality builds and very good locations. We provide exceptional advertisement for each property we take on so that every property has its own specific bespoke advertising system, tailoring the property to specific markets such as German, Dutch, French or British.”

Discover Discreet Listings

Agnieszka affirmed that the company’s number one asset is discretion, “We have a professional and ethical obligation to our clients and that is very important to us, so being discreet is something that we take very seriously.” Adding that “For our VIP’s who do not want their names to be disclosed, we are happy to take care of them, we do not use our clients as advertisement for us.”

Additionally A1 offers unique discreet listings, which Agnieszka explaining that “In America, you would call them pocket listings, we have many clients who do not want people to know they are selling, so we have a discreet listings portfolio of properties, whereby we do not include all the information of the listing online but if any potential buyers are looking for a property in a specific area or with a specific budget, we can then reveal the full details to the potential buyer.” For more information, a client needs to undergo a background check and once confirmed to be a qualified buyer, they can access their private portfolio of properties at www.a1-private-collection.com.

High Quality Service

Agnieszka told me that “we are very private and we see ourselves as an all-encompassing emporium real estate which comes with many great assets.” One being that, “we can make decisions for ourselves because we do not have a franchise behind us that forces us to provide figures at the end of the year, meaning that we only list what we know we will sell. Our core business is to sell and not to list, therefore we give the realistic market value to the vendors because we want to sell as they duo and not have their properties lingering on the market for years due to unrealistic valuations.”

“The other asset of being boutique-oriented is that we can take our time, without the added time pressure and we can give the full package when it comes to personal service.” “We are available for our clients on a 24/7 basis and we are able to tailor that experience for each individual client because of the way we operate. We are a small group of five people who are passionate for properties and provide high quality service that sets us apart from other agencies.”


During the pandemic, they perfected their user-friendly website, and alongside their interesting blog, they launched informative podcasts, every second Tuesday, which answer the most important questions about the real estate business in the Algarve. Including everything from how to buy a property, to council and property tax, as well as hearing from lawyers and clients.

Agnieszka explained that she believes they are the first ones in the Algarve to use podcasts as a valuable tool and that she came up with the podcasts as a fun format to tell clients what they would like to know. Adding that “its popularity quickly rose with a huge volume of listeners from all over the world.” You can listen to the podcast on Spotify or iTunes as well as directly on the A1 webpage.

Finally, Agnieszka explained her firm vision for the future: “I want A1 to be the name for high exclusivity in prime locations and high quality of service as well as construction of the properties we represent. But most of all A1 should become the synonym of discretion. I think we don’t want to grow bigger; I would like to stay exclusive; stay private; stay discreet but overall, I want to keep the high quality that we provide by being a team of five.”

For more information and to get in touch with A1 Algarve Luxury Real Estate please see their website at https://www.a1-algarve.com/.