It is practiced by our surgeons using different mammoplasty techniques and implants, always according to the woman's body and her expectations. The implant is introduced through a small incision, which can vary in location; inframammary or areolar.

The motivations for seeking this procedure varies from woman to woman. It can be based on the fact that the breast has not developed enough during puberty, that there has been a decrease in breast size following pregnancy and breastfeeding, after rapid fluctuations in weight, or simply due to aging of the mammary gland.

However, breast augmentation is not defined merely to improve physical appearance. It is a profound change in a woman's self-esteem, which is the supreme motivation and, therefore, a priority for our team.

Implants differ according to the intended result. We use round implants for greater filling in the upper section of the breast or in a submuscular drop for greater softness and naturalness.

Furthermore, for more demanding or very active women, we have the new generation B-Lite prostheses, which stand out for being 30% lighter than traditional implants and also promotes a more comfortable recovery.

The advantages include not only less pressure on the tissue and less risk of sagging over the years, but also greater comfort in the postoperative phase and easier observation of breast tissues, due to the material composition of the prosthesis.

It is important to mention that, in a more advanced age group, mammoplasty should be considered as a breast rejuvenation procedure. This need may be due to a more accentuated ptosis, that is, sagging of the breast, or in cases of breastfeeding which may have caused an accelerated aging of the breast.

In these situations, it is possible to resort to mastopexy to rebuild the chest area and restore confidence and sensuality to the woman's body.

Mastopexy is defined as the surgical procedure that redefines the position of the breast tissue, in order to obtain breast rejuvenation. This surgery can be performed with or without prostheses (or using fat from another part of the patient's body). It will result in addition to correcting the position of the tissue, an increase in volume.

In other scenarios, to proceed with breast rejuvenation, it is necessary to replace existing prostheses in order to remove the capsule which was created by the body around the implants. This surgery varies depending on the particular reason, and can be a simple replacement of the prosthesis, with the same or another volume, or it might imply the removal of excess skin.

So, with all the accumulated experience of the UP HPA team, if you are looking to have a more harmonious silhouette, whether through a mammoplasty or body definition, or even a combination of both procedures, come and see us in the plastic surgery consultation and find out what we can do for your case, with either Dr. David Rasteiro, Dr. Rui Lima or with myself.

Dr. Tiago Baptista Fernandes. UP HPA Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics