“The average value of the Rt for the days of April 18 to 22 was 1.02” at the national level, which represents an increase compared to the value of 1.00 recorded in the previous week, advances the INSA report on the evolution of the number of cases in the country.

Between January 21 and February 15, this indicator registered a sharp decline, reaching 0.71.

According to data released today, the average number of daily cases for five days went from 8,931 to 9,474 at the national level, being lower in mainland Portugal (8,842).

The INSA document also adds that the Rt - which estimates the number of secondary cases of infection resulting from each person carrying the virus - is above the threshold of 1 in the North (1.07), in the Centre (1.03) and in the Azores (1.05), which “indicates an increasing trend” of SARS-CoV-2 infections.

This indicator is 0.99 in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo, 0.98 in Alentejo, 0.95 in Algarve and 0.89 in Madeira.

“Portugal has a 14-day cumulative notification rate greater than 960 per 100,000 inhabitants and an Rt greater than 1, that is, a very high notification rate with an increasing trend”, the institute adds.