The decision to question the guardianship of the Correios de Portugal service was taken by the Porto Metropolitan Council after the mayor of Valongo, José Manuel Ribeiro, reported the “numerous complaints” about CTT that the municipality has received.

“Serious problem”

“There is a very serious problem with the postal services and the law has to be valid for something. There are unacceptable delays, such as bills that arrive after payment deadlines, delays in letters from hospitals, among others,” he said.

According to the mayor, “if it were a private company with no public service obligation, the law of the market would solve it, but this is not the case”.

“We have to demand that this issue be monitored because there is a large part of the population that depends on the proper functioning of these services, namely in the payment of pensions, subsidies or sick leave”, he stressed.

Other mayors present at the meeting of that body, which brings together 17 municipalities, also expressed concern about the “bad service” provided by CTT, for which reason it was decided to ask for explanations.

“The Executive Committee will write a letter to the tutelage asking for explanations”, announced the president of the AMP, Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues.