The searches, through the Ponta Delgada Maritime Search and Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC Delgada), have been carried out since 6:45 pm on Saturday, said Navy spokesman Commander José Sousa Luís.

“During the night we had fewer resources, but the searches continued. The vessel was, however, towed and will be subject to inspection by the Maritime Police,” he said.

According to the Navy, the fishing vessel "Alexandre", which ran aground near the bay of Praia Formosa, in the Azores, was towed to the port of Vila do Porto, where it will be in the custody of the Maritime Police until the arrival of forensic divers.

The Navy also said that the alert was received at 18:45 at the Ponta Delgada Search and Coordination Center, which has been coordinating the searches since then.

The alert of the disappearance of the two fishermen was given by a third crew member, who was rescued alive by the fishing vessel Santo Onofre, at around 18:00, who was later picked up by the Maritime Police for Vila do Porto, “being in good condition”.