For people such as teachers, the voice is the main tool to educate. But for others, the voice is what helps them to make money, for example, singers. Singers may use their voices for hours in a show and have their voices recognised everywhere. Actors such as Morgan Freeman are recognised for their voices. But it is important that care is always taken to preserve the voice as an instrument and work tool.

Probably the most common health issue regarding the voice is the nodules in the vocal cords. The nodules appear after bad management of the voice. Using it inadequately may create the nodules, affecting the timber, and in the case of the singers, affecting the high notes. However, singers like Mariah Carey used the nodules to reach her famous high notes. Nevertheless, nodules must be treated. The treatment may vary from some weeks without speaking, or in more severe cases surgery is needed. Usually, therapy takes place, to teach the person how to avoid bad habits that may cause the nodules.

The real question is how to take care of the voice. In this article, some tips will be enumerated to help The Portugal News readers to preserve their voice.

Avoid smoking

The smoke of the cigarettes may change the voice as it inflames the larynx, where the vocal cords are placed. The smoke may also make the voice come out with a horsier sound, changing the natural characteristics of the voice.

Drink water

Water is important to make the whole body function. To preserve the voice, the water must not be drunk only when singing or speaking. People must drink water always. Drinking water will not have an immediate effect on the vocal cords. When swallowing, the water will not touch the larynx, as we expect, thus keeping hydrated throughout the days will help the larynx to keep hydrated in other ways.

Know your limits

Knowing the limits of our voice is important, as overuse may have negative consequences. Do not go too low, and do not go too high. Not everybody has a vocal range like Axl Rose. Knowing where the voice can go, whether singing or speaking, will preserve it and keep it healthy. Whispering and screaming are also things to avoid. Both actions require a major effort on the vocal cords that when used too much may lead to nodules.

Keep it warm and moist

Voice actors, for example, avoid places where the air conditioning is cold and cold drinks and food are avoided. During the winter, people may use scarves and it is important to breathe through the nose. Breathing through the nose not only avoids dryness on the throat, but also it is in the nose that most of the air toxins are filtered, which does not happen when people breathe through their mouth. A certain amount of humidity is also an interesting tool to protect the voice. Water will not reach the vocal cords easily, but the air will. Being in a place with water vapour will hydrate the vocal cords more efficiently. Air humidifiers may also be bought and placed somewhere in the house, it purifies the air and keeps the voice clean.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away and this is certainly the case if we are talking about the voice. An apple is rich in pectin which helps in the natural process of cleaning the mouth and throat. Eating at least an apple every day will help keep the voice healthy. In addition, the apple is a fruit that requires chewing, thus helping in the warming-up of the muscles that are used when speaking or singing.

If any problems with the voice are being felt, people must visit an otolaryngologist, tell them the symptoms and the treatment will be prescribed to keep the voice healthy.