“Looking at the last six weeks, there is a trend towards stabilisation and there is no downward or upward trend”, said Rui Marques, in a statement by the authorities regarding the seismovolcanic activity on that island, carried out in the municipality of Velas, in Sao Jorge.

According to the expert, more than 32,300 events have been recorded since the crisis began on March 19.

Of these earthquakes recorded, 266 were felt by the population.

“The trend has been more or less stable since the beginning of April, with periods of higher and lower seismic frequency,” he noted.

According to Rui Marques, “normally there are two or three days with a low frequency of earthquakes, followed by two or three days with a slightly higher frequency of earthquakes”.

Since May 1, 330 earthquakes have been exceeded daily and “today there is a slight decrease”, according to Rui Marques.