“What is in doubt? Whether there will be booster vaccination for the age group between 60 and 80 years. The evidence we have is not yet conclusive. What is not on the table right now? Vaccination for those under the age of 60”, said Marta Temido.

Temido added that the only indication, so far, is that vaccination with the second booster dose “will only be given to those over 80 years old”, which is the “recommendation of the European Medicines Agency”.

The official recalled that, so far, “risky cases are already being vaccinated with the second booster dose, on medical advice”, namely with regard to people with “specific pathologies”.

Asked by journalists if the Government is planning a booster dose for children, Temido replied that the executive's recommendation on this aspect “will always be technical, as it has been”, but noted that, so far, there is “no note that there is a change in what the previous recommendations are”.