“The evolution of the characterisation of the operational vehicles of the GNR, maintains the respect for the image and organisational culture, and will start to combine in the new vehicles the white background colour and the reinforcement of the reflective colours of high visibility orange/yellow and green, with greater incidence on the rear, allowing greater recognition during the day and night, at distances”, says a statement from the GNR.

Major Mafalda Almeida, from the general command of the GNR, told Lusa that the new vehicles acquired by the GNR - presented during the ceremony that marked the corporation's anniversary - have fluorescent yellow and orange stripes in the case of traffic surveillance cars, while the territorial patrol fleet will have fluorescent yellow and green stripes.

Currently GNR cars are white and green or grey and green.

Mafalda Almeida explained that the priority will not be to change the characterisation of existing vehicles, but rather to adopt the new colours in the cars acquired from now on.

The same official stressed that this change takes place not only “in a logic of modernity”, but also of safety in the sense of “increasing vehicle signage” and patrol visibility, especially when they are stopped on highways.